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Hello Mr.

Hello Mr.


A Man and His Purse: A Night with Mickey Boardman

“Will this be in your piece – all of my stories about my close friends who are dead now?”

I smile. I shake my head no. I couldn’t include them if I wanted to. Mickey Boardman, editorial director of PAPER Magazine and New York City nightlife fixture, tells stories like he’s a Mamet character narrating a VH1 Pop-Up Video: divulging an annotated history of New York scenes so quickly and with so many obscure references that you need both Wikipedia and Page Six open to keep up.


Infinite Scroll: Always Looking

I’ve been single for nearly two years in New York City. That, coupled with the slow crawl to thirty means that many Friday evenings are spent watching TV on my sofa with a glass of wine. I sit in sweatpants and a t-shirt, a more sedentary, less glamorous reflection of the characters I watch. 

During lulls, I pick up my phone and open Instagram. The scroll that proceeds is second nature, predictably liking every fourth or fifth picture--a burger I wish I were eating, a serene beach that feels infinitely distant from my noisy city street, a shirtless guy, or two of them in bed together.


What's Left to Learn

There are certain truths from my childhood that I spend considerable time reflecting on, wondering how I couldn’t have known. The first is harmless: I wonder how I could have been virtually the last kid in the 4th grade to not know that Santa Clause was my mother. 

When I apply my sexuality to this exercise in remembering, I am struck by how many adults around me were likely gay. Most front of mind is a middle-aged teacher who lived only with birds that she occasionally brought into the classroom for show and tell.