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Profile of Just a Band's Bill Sellanga

Bill "Blinky" Sellanga is a member of Just a Band, a Kenya-based art and music collective that has gigged from Abu Dhabi to New York. The exposure comes from incredible talent but also savvy Internet marketing: their video for "Ha-He" (which looks like it was shot by Taratino on a Kickstarter budget, in the best way possible) was the first Kenyan YouTube video to go viral. Beyond the views, Blinky Bill's been interviewed by the likes of the Wall Street Journal and is a TED Fellow.

But what's equally impressive as his music and web marketing is Blinky Bill's genuine enthusiasm for the sounds coming out of Africa right now -- music we're not likely to hear Stateside. Homegrown or UK-born talent dominates our airwaves and while nearly a quarter of the top 50 Singles on iTunes in late June featured artists born outside of the US, none were born in Africa. Just a Band's popularity echoes this: they have yet to chart here despite being one of the most popular acts in Kenya.

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